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New Release | A$AP Ferg | Family | A Hennessey Collaboration

Hennessy, the world’s best-selling Cognac, recognizes those who “Never stop. Never settle.” in the pursuit of perfection. To celebrate this notion, Hennessy aligned with A$AP Ferg to release “Family,” a track that embraces family traditions, a value the Cognac producer has prioritized since its inception more than 250 years ago. The single’s cover artwork, painted by Ferg, is a reimagined version of his latest album cover, Still Striving, and spotlights the rapper tying his doo-rag to take on the world, inspiring others to push the limits of potential and “Never stop. Never settle.”

For more information about the collaboration, visit Youtube.com/HennessyUS and www.hennessy.com/us/life/. @HennessyUS #HowWeHennessy



A Business Meeting: Why Pinterest And Facebook Are Important For Your Business


Loved this meeting I had with these two guys from Connecticut. We dive really, really deep into a bunch of topics, including the nature of Pinterest, and how important it is depending on your business’s target demographic. If you’re aiming towards people looking to have a baby shower, you should be focusing a massive amount of time and dedication towards Pinterest, just like you shouldn’t be using Snapchat if your demo is a 54 year old banker. Know your demo, know where they live and thrive in that area. That’s the key 😉


New Release | Chill Planet Dazers | Want Me | Feat. Lana Lubany




We know, we know. Future house on Chill Planet? There’s something about this one we just couldn’t ignore. We’re not sure whether it’s the silky production skills, unique Dazers style drop or catchy vocals from Lana, but we know that they both revolve around each other in the most perfect manner. This song is chill and great for festivals/clubs too, making it an all-round great song to listen to, no matter the environment!

Stream / Download: fanlink.to/wantme

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Fresh Finds | Dragon Roots | Thinking Back To Summer (Interlude).

Lo-fi hip hop, jazz and R&B. Consider supporting through my bandcamp links if you like any of my albums, peace.
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Thank you to all my fans. I hope you enjoy this new tape and it brightens up the cold dark nights.. Peace. – Dragon Roots