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TBT Production of the day



Here’s track 09 off of Hani Siege’ Kill EM All mixtape. Get the whole mixtape on Soundcloud 

Follow Hani Siege @Hanisiege

Coverwork by @bhramabull



Passive Monitors vs Powered Monitors

Pro Tools

Happy Nueve De Mayo. So last year during Black Friday aka call it whatever you want, Best Buy did $125 for a PAIR of Klipsch R-15M’s so I hopped on it quick. I wanted an Audio Receiver in the mix of my signaling so I just have it all connected there. My fellow PT users, what is a common mistake when connecting everything through your AVR? I just want to hear other users experience with your routing and what-not.

PT subscription is worth it but at the same time, they’re slacking for not being able to add at least 1 other user to the account. Or am I missing some information……..???



The Watermark 27: SXSW MUSIC 2016 Gryndfest Mixtape

The Watermark 27


The Watermark 27 4th Annual Gryndfest Mixtape Released on 3/2/16 & @bringthepayne AKA Kris Payne has the most plays with 107k.  #itsacompetetivesport!

@BHRAMABULL organized the track selection and handled drop inquiries.

Mixtape Hosted by @DJOFFICIAL910 & @BHRAMABULL

I Mixed/Engineered the effects and theme of the mixtape. Find me  @SUPERHEROMUSIC

Out on Soundcloud

Also on