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Sundae Sauuce Presents: Strawberry Drizzle

#StrawberryDrizzle  is a beauteous project by Sundae Sauuce. Really a funky, soulful, bunch of magic gathered in one place. Almost seems to good to be true!!! And their proceeds are going toward helping the relief in #PuertoRico. Go give them a follow on Soundcloud

This is what #superheromusic sounds like

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Strawberry Drizzle Release Party:
Instagram: Sundae Sauuce
Twitter: Sundae Sauuce
Facebook: Sundae Sauuce

“Finally it’s here! With this 16 track compilation, Strawberry Drizzle will be bringing some funk into your life! So get down, and get sauucey to all the music we have in store!
Just like all of our compilations, all of the money generated from Bandcamp will be donated toward a cause or charity we feel is important. This time around, the money will all go toward helping the relief effort in Puerto Rico” <3

“We’ll also be celebrating this release in Brooklyn, NY on December 1st for our release party! We’re featuring Moods, Birocratic, Ian Ewing, and The Kount with shapes up to be an epic lineup. Tickets and info available here: “

“Lets Get Lauust In The Sauuce”

Ian Ewing – Tony Montana w/ Flamingosis – STRAWBERRY DRIZZLE

New track off of the 16-track funk compilation
‘Sundae Sauuce’
@sundaesauuce 🍦
by @ianewing
& @Flamingosis

*All Bandcamp sales will be donated to the relief effort in Puerto Rico*

Celebrating their release party
in Brooklyn, NY on December 1st.
Playing along with @moodsprod, @the-kount, and @birocratic


New one with ma boi @flamingosis, part of a rad 16-track funk compilation from @sundaesauuce 🍦

*All Bandcamp sales will be donated to the relief effort in Puerto Rico*

We’ll also be celebrating the release party in Brooklyn, NY on December 1st! I’ll be playing along with @moodsprod, @the-kount, and @birocratic ✨


Off Top (with Freddie Gibbs)

WestSideGunn – Hitler Wears Hermes 5

New project from Westside Gunn “Hitler Wears Hermes 5” available now!


DOWNLOAD HWH I-V:…-wears-hermes-i-v

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✚ SoundCloud: @westsidegunn & @gxfr
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Radio Juicy S02E71 (Reflection by Ruck P)

Some people call it mushroom Jazz,
others call it heaven juice.
Enjoy this mix produced by @ruckp.

Radio Juicy S02E71 (Reflection by Ruck P)
All tracks produced by @ruckp
Artwork by Alex Brade
Published by Radio Juicy

Radio Juicy © 2017

[11/6] @Dash_Radio #XXL : #GryndfestRadio #TakerOver Guest Djs Vol 47th

with the EXCLUSIVES!

GryndfestRadio Vol 47


#GFRN ⛽️ #gryndfestradionetwork .
🔊 Tonight 7pm PST / 10pm EST #GryndFestRadio 📻 lit @dashradio station 🔊 @thesoundgalleryinc and , @theearplugs , @dinner_land , @djyounglegend215 & @yvnblaze wit an exclusive 🔥 tracks from @evanmichaelgreen 💥 @asaiahziv 💥 @azchike 💥 @boofboiicy 💥 @d.s.g_dae 💥 @radstaywinning 💥 @shorelinemafia 💥 @therealchefsean 💥 @amerikasaddiction 💥 @frostydasnowxmann 💥 @flow349 💥 @mr_koahi 💥 @oneplug4 💥 @dashflash_ 💥 @cambattamusic 💥 @mauimax 💥 @loudlordmvp💥 @keshkapesh 💥 @mikeclassic 💥 @donqhbtl 💥 @mischiftrk 💥 @terrence_escabar .

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3 Year throwback…Free Meek Mill??!!??

Meek Mill official
DJ Bran Live radio-edit mix,
Features 60 minutes of Meek Mill




Wednesday’s Revisit: Aziza Cree – Cool Story Dan





This project has a collection of songs that represent contemporary soul music, hip hop, and popular culture. I admire the way it came together. Cool story Dan is a project that is significant to new music and this new era. Just excellent and so easy to listen to.” – Aziza Cree

vocalist. oakland. artist. losers table. hella shit. inquiries: