New Album | Zaytoven | Trapping Made It Happen | Features Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, Young Thug & more

Trapping Made It Happen is a 10-track project that includes appearances by Lil Uzi Vert, Juicy J, OJ Da Juiceman, Sosa, Young Dolph, and more. The Atlanta-based producer announced the tape earlier this week, shortly after he delivered the single “Five Guys” assisted by Migos and Young Thug.


01. Birds (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
02. China White (feat. OJ Da Juiceman)
03. Five Guys (feat. Migos & Young Thug)
04. Flees (feat. Sosa)
05. My Bitch Badder (feat. Young Dolph & Hefna Gwap)
06. No Mo (feat. Juicy J)
07. Clout (feat. Laron the Don)
08. Gstar (feat. Juggman)
09. Ice on My Neck (feat. HoodRich Pablo Juan)
10. On Me (feat. Young Dolph)



New Album | G-Eazy ‘The Beautiful & Damned’ | 12.15.17

Three months after dropping his A$AP Rocky and Cardi B-assisted single, “No Limit,” G-Eazy has finally released The Beautiful & Damned, the follow-up to his 2015 effort, When It’s Dark Out.


G-Eazy’s The Beautiful & Damned Tracklist

1. “The Beautiful & Damned” Feat. Zoe Nash
2. “Pray for Me”
3. “Him & I” Feat. Halsey
4. “But a Dream”
5. “Sober” Feat. Charlie Puth
6. “Legend”
7. “No Limit” Feat. A$AP Rocky & Cardi B
8. “The Plan”
9. “That’s a Lot”
10. “Pick Me Up” Feat. Anna of the North
11. “Gotdamn”
12. “Leviathan” Feat. Sam Martin
13. “Crash & Burn” Feat. Kehlani
14. “Summer in December”
15. “Charles Brown” Feat. E-40 & Jay Ant
16. “No Less” Feat. Louis Mattrs & SG Lewis
17. “Mama Always Told Me”
18. “Fly Away” Feat. Ugochi
19. “Love Is Gone” Feat. Drew Love
20. “Eazy”


New Album | Jeezy | ‘Pressure’ | 12.15.17





Jeezy’s Pressure Tracklist

1. “Spyder”
2. “Cold Summer” Feat. Tee Grizzley
3. “In a Major Way” Feat. Payroll Giovanni
4. “Floor Seats” Feat. 2 Chainz
5. “This is It”
6. “Bottles Up” Feat. Puff Daddy
7. “Valet (Interlude)”
8. “Respect”
9. “Pressure” Feat. Kodak Black and YG
10.”Like Them” Feat. Tory Lanez and Rick Ross
11.”The Life” Feat. WizKid and Trey Songz
12.“American Dream” Feat. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar
13.”Snow Season”



New Album | EMINEM | ‘REVIVAL’ Featuring PHRESHER, BEYONCE And More


After four long years, Eminem pulls up with Revival, his follow-up to 2013’s Marshall Mathers LP 2 and his ninth official studio album.


Revival Tracklist

1. “Walk on Water” Feat. Beyoncé
2. “Believe”
3. “Chloraseptic” Feat. Phresher
4. “Untouchable”
5. “River” Feat. Ed Sheeran
6. “Remind Me (Intro)”
7. “Remind Me”
8. “Revival (Interlude)”
9. “Like Home” Feat. Alicia Keys
10. “Bad Husband” Feat. X Ambassadors
11. “Tragic Endings” Feat. Skylar Grey
12. “Framed”
13. “Nowhere Fast” Feat. Kehlani
14. “Heat”
15. “Offended”
16. “Need Me” Feat. Pink
17. “In Your Head”
18. “Castle”
19. “Arose”


New Album | N.E.R.D | No_One Ever Really Dies



“The truth will set you free. But first, it’ll piss you off.”


New Release | N.E.R.D | Don’t Don’t Do It! | Ft. Kendrick Lamar


Repost | 10 Largest Lo-Fi Promoters | MYTHE’s Blog


10 Largest Lo-Fi Promoters

A list made with numbers from December 2017 sorted by subscriber count


#10 Syros (184.000+ Subscribers)

The first on our list is Syros. This channel is run by a single person, who is also behind a popular Discord chatroom under the same name. Syros has been uploading mixes and tracks since 10 months ago, and averages an astounding 387.000 views per video. That has accumulated to a total of 13.5 million views spread across 35 videos.

Social media links
YouTube – Discord – SoundCloud – Twitter – Instagram

photo (4).jpg

#9 R L I F E (197.000+ Subcribers)

As Syros and the next one the list, R L I F E uploads small mixes accompanied by beautiful drawings and artwork, creating a cute atmosphere. With almost 200.000 subscribers, this channel has achieved more than 9.3 million views over 36 videos. Averaging 260.000 views per video, R L I F E started uploading only less than a year ago! Definitely a channel on the rise.

Social media links
YouTube – SoundCloud

photo (3).jpg

#8 Lophee (208.000+ Subscribers)

Lophee is also promoter who uploads small 10 minute mixes with each their own individual theme and artwork. Across a mere 21 videos, Lophee has attracted more than 8.5 million views, averaging about 412.000 per video. The concept is strictly character illustrations on a white background, which is chosen to create certain moods fitting to the music choices. It works well at making the whole package more artistic and aware. The aesthetic is very much in focus on Lophee’s channel.

Social media links

photo (2).jpg

#7 The Jazz Hop Café (209.000+ Subscribers)

Conceptually designed as a lofi music café on the internet, The Jazz Hop Café has grown to become one of the 10 largest promotional channels in a short time. Similar to a later entry, Chillhop Music, this music café utilizes real photography more than or instead of digital artwork and drawings, even though it is, as evidenced by this list, the most common lo-fi aesthetic. Differentiating itself with said concepts, The Jazz Hop Café has gained more than 22 million views in just 2 years, averaging 81.700 views over 279 videos.

Social media links
YouTube – SoundCloud – Facebook – Bandcamp – Instagram


#6 STEEZYASFUCK (307.000+ Subscribers)

A bit different from most other promoters on this list, STEEZYASFUCK almost exclusively uploads full albums. Using the original cover art from the musicians’ albums, STEEZY has amassed more than 39 million views with 251 videos and a 157.000 average. He is also known for doing compilation mixes in collaboration with famous vlogger Austin Augie. I personally like his channel because it puts the focus on the artists more than regular.

His livestream has just about 1000 viewers on a daily basis.

Social media links
YouTube – Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – Website


#5 Ambition (372.000+ Subscribers)

Not only does Ambition run a hugely popular YouTube channel with more than 16.5 million views; he also is the administrator of a one of the larger Discord chatrooms on the internet with more than 11.000 members. Both his YouTube and Discord channels are perfect for both lofi producers and listeners. He averages 95.000 views across 177 videos and has been uploading since only January, 2017! His livestream also is also averaging about a thousand viewers.

Social media links
YouTube – Discord – Twitter – SoundCloud – Facebook – Twitch

photo (1).jpg

#4 the bootleg boy (395.500+ Subscribers)

Known for his usage of The Simpsons aesethetics, the bootleg boy is the third largest lofi channel. Even though he has recently expanded to a larger variance of artwork to accompany the music, his Simpsons thumbnails was a huge success in attracting people to the music. Today, his 7 month old video “suicide” has more than 10 million views!

Overall, the bootleg boy has approximately 35 million views spread across 164 videos. His videos average about 212.000 views and he’s still growing strong.

Social media links
YouTube – SoundCloud – Twitter – Instagram


#3 AnimeVibe (467.000+ Subscribers)

AnimeVibe, a channel run by “Aden” and “DK” respectively, is the third largest within lofi in 2017. With more than a record 138 million views (highest number out of any lofi channel), these two people have been uploading since 2014. While the channel has not always just uploaded lofi, it now has 771 videos with a 180.000 view average.

Social media links
YouTube – Instagram – Twitter – SoundCloud


#2 ChilledCow (1.05+ Million Subscribers)

With his first video more than 2 years ago, ChilledCow has been a large presence in the lo-fi community. His livestream became insanely popular around early 2017, and he has since ridden the wave to become one of the largest influencers of the genre. Today he has more than 39 million views spread across 293 videos with an average of 134.000 views. Seven of his videos exceeds more than a million views by themselves! It is especially his livestream though that is the reason for his high position.

Social media links
YouTube – SoundCloud – Twitter – Facebook – Google+


#1 Chillhop Music (1.21+ Million Subcribers)

Created on the 3rd of January, 2013, Chillhop Music has taken the leading position of lo-fi channels with approximately 112.5 million views expanding 559 videos. Their videos average more than 200.000 views. Chillhop Music is, among other, famous for their respective series “Chillhop Essentials”, “Chill Study Beats” and “City Nights”. In addition, their 24/7 livestream averages about 5000 people at all times. Chillhop Music functions as a record label and contrary to many other promoters, they are directly involved in the making and distribution of much of the music they share.

Social media links
YouTube – Website – Bandcamp – SoundCloud – Twitter – Discord

Other Large Lo-Fi Promoters

Jeezy | EVERYDAY STRUGGLE | Episode 255

Published on Dec 12, 2017

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, Jeezy joined Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska to talk about his career perception to this point and why he’s viewed differently than other rappers that he came up with. He also talked about his new album ‘Pressure,’ which drops on Dec. 15.


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